Reset password is a web-based platform for public sharing, annotation, analysis, and visualization of dynamical models and wet-lab experiments related to cyanobacteria. It allows models to be represented at different levels of abstraction — as biochemical reaction networks or ordinary differential equations. The platform is unique in providing concise mapping of mathematical models to the formalised consortium-agreed biochemical description. The main goal of the platform is to connect world of biological knowledge with benefits of mathematical description of dynamic processes.




Model repository is collection of mathematical models describing particular parts of biological processes. Each model component (i.e. reactant or reaction) is related to Biochemical Space. The model then includes complete biological annotation of all reactants and reactions. Simulations, static analysis, and SBML export are available. Biochemical Space is constructed from hierarchy of entities and rules visualised in graphical schemes. It forms the backbone of the platform – the process tree. Each scheme represents chosen biological process of cyanobacteria. For each process, appopriate biochemical entities, rules, and models are attached. Experiments repository is a tool for storage and presentation of time-series data from wet-lab experiments. Every experiment is well-grounded by precise description (device, medium, organism, etc.) and appropriate annotations. Experiment's variables might be related to Biochemical Space. Moreover, it is possible to visualize the data in a chart.


The platform has been partially funded by the EC OP project No. CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0256.