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Before asking any questions, please check our tutorial and FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions


Biochemical Space

Model repository

Experiments repository

Why register?

Registration allows you to customize parameters in models, import and edit your own experiments.


What is Biochemical Space?

It is a hierarchy of annotated entities interacting in rules.


How can I contribute to Biochemical Space?

Is Biochemical Space not complete? Should Biochemical Space be extended? Contact us and we will consider it.


How can I add a model?

Model repository extension is complicated and time-consuming process. However, if you have a model suitable for our website, contact us and we will implement it for you.


How can I add an experiment?

You need to be registered to add an experiment. Then, in Experiments admin, you are free to add and edit your own experiments.


How can I delete an experiment?

You are allowed to delete only your own experiments. Doing so, you need to choose edit, select desired experiment and delete.

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