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Model repository


Model repository contains computational models of selected biological processes relevant for cyanobacteria. Models implemented on this website are manually curated, integrated within the e-cyanobacterium formal Biochemical Space, and associated with cross-references.

Most of the implemented models are already published, though some of the models present fresh work which might be yet unpublished. All of the models are available in public domain.

  Published Models Unpublished Models
Clock mechanism Miyoshi et al. 2007  
Hertel et al. 2013  
Metabolism Jablonsky et al. 2014  
Grimaud et al. 2014  
Photosynthesis   Plyusnina et al. 2016
Environment Clark et al. 2014  
Müller et al. 2019  
Integrated E-cyano team 2017  

The models can be explored by clicking on the model navigation tree displayed in the Navigation panel left.

Please use the following reference to cite this web site:
M. Trojak, D. Safranek, J. Hrabec, J. Salagovic, F. Romanovska, J. Cerveny: A Web-Based Platform for Systems Biology of Cyanobacteria. In: Computational Methods in Systems Biology, CMSB 2016, Vol. 9859 of LNCS, pp. 316-322. Springer, 2016. DOI