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Light/Dark 16:8h Entrainment - Experiment detail

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Series name: Cyanothece Metabolic Oscillations
Inserted: 2015-11-28 15:38:14
Last update: 2015-11-29 14:43:20
Number of experiments: 1

List of experiments

  Name Started Inserted
Light/Dark 16:8h Entrainment 2008-07-12 02:15:00 2015-11-28 15:38:14
Name: Light/Dark 16:8h Entrainment
Description: Exp #720
Started: 2008-07-12 02:15:00
Device Type: Photobioreactor-035
Device Name: PBR A
Device ID: 002
Experiment gassing: 10 000 ppm CO2, 300 ml/min
Medium: ASP2 -N
Organism: Cyanothece ATCC 51142
Stirring: 180 rpm

Name: Data dCO2
Description: Dissolved carbon dioxide was measured externally by METTLER TOLEDO SevenMulti
Device Type: METTLER TOLEDO SevenMulti
Device Name: Multimeter NH
Device ID: 000

Name: Data dO2
Description: Dissolved oxygen was measured externally by PSI OxyCorder
Device Type: PSI OxyCorder 401
Device Name: OxyCorder NH
Device ID: 000

+Temperature  (measured)
Code: temperature
Number of values: 766
+Light-RED  (measured)
Code: lightred
Number of values: 490
+Light-BLUE  (measured)
Code: lightblue
Number of values: 468
+Ft-RED  (measured)
Code: ftred
Number of values: 391
+Fm-RED  (measured)
Code: fmred
Number of values: 270
+QY-RED  (measured)
Code: qyred
Number of values: 270
+Ft-BLUE  (measured)
Code: ftblue
Number of values: 375
+Fm-BLUE  (measured)
Code: fmblue
Number of values: 256
+QY-BLUE  (measured)
Code: qyblue
Number of values: 256
+OD680  (measured)
Code: od680
Number of values: 766
+OD735  (measured)
Code: od735
Number of values: 766
+Chl_a proxy  (computed)
Code: chl_a_proxy
Number of values: 766
+dCO2  (measured)
Code: dco2
Number of values: 292
From: Data dCO2
+O2 evol  (computed)
Code: o2_evol
Number of values: 98
From: Data dO2
+O2 resp  (computed)
Code: o2_resp
Number of values: 146
Related to:
From: Data dO2
+O2 sat  (computed)
Code: o2_sat
Number of values: 99
From: Data dO2
+dO2  (measured)
Code: do2
Number of values: 292
From: Data dO2

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Experiments aim to reveal the dynamic features that occur during the metabolism of the unicellular, nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium Cyanothece sp. when exposed to diverse circadian forcing patterns (LD 16:8, LD 12:12, LD 8:16, LD 6:6).
The genome of Cyanothece 51142, a unicellular diazotrophic cyanobacterium important in the marine nitrogen cycle
As the biotechnological potential of Cyanothece 51142 varies with the time of the day, the argument that it will, similarly, depend on the phase of the culture growth is provided. Here the study of batch culture dynamics to discover the dominant constraints in the individual growth phases and identify potential for inducing or delaying transitions between culture growth phases in Cyanothece 51142 is presented.
SevenMulti™ is the perfect choice for applications where maximum measurement accuracy is required. The dual-channel instrument supports the measurement of two electrochemical parameters simultaneously and can be expanded by additional modules. It meets the latest requirements for quality control, data management and legal GLP regulations. The self-explanatory user interface allows intuitive operation at all stages.
The Photobioreactor FMT 150 has a flat-vessel design that enables uniform illumination over the whole culture. Growth of cultures is monitored by the integrated densitometer (OD 720 nm, 680 nm). Relative chlorophyll content of cultures can also be monitored continuously by the difference of optical densities at 680 and 720 nm. Instantaneous physiological state of the culture is measured by the Photosystem II quantum yield Fv/Fm.
Publication that descibes in detail advanced capabilities and features of the instrument.
Publication that descibes in detail basic capabilities and features of the instrument.
The OxyCorder is primarily used to measure dissolved oxygen in photosynthesis research. Therefore the impedance of three independent input channels is preset for different electrode sizes: 4 MΩ (Channel 1), 1.3 MΩ (Channel 2), and 33 kW (Channel 3 - for large electrodes, as bare platinum-silver). The fourth input channel enables voltage reading. The QxyCorder is supplied with OxyWin software that controls polarization voltage of the electrodes (0 to 1000 mV, two 10 bit A/D converters) and also enables displaying and analyzing the measured data.

Miyoshi F, Nakayama Y, Kaizu K, Iwasaki H, Tomita M (2007) A mathematical model for the Kai-protein-based chemical oscillator and clock gene expression rhythms in Cyanobacteria. J Biol Rhythms 22:69-8

Model detail

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