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PBR - Experiment detail

This page displays basic information about selected experiment.

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Series name: Syn GT-L #28
Inserted: 2018-07-03 12:54:19
Last update: 2018-07-03 15:32:17
Number of experiments: 1

List of experiments

  Name Started Inserted
PBR 2016-12-16 16:56:44 2018-07-03 12:54:19
Name: PBR
Started: 2016-12-16 16:56:44
Device Type: Photobioreactor-041
Device Name: DoAB-PBR04
Device ID: 73000000
End: 2016-12-20 13:00:46
Organism: Synechocystis PCC6803 GT-D

+Actinic light Blue  (measured)
Code: light_blue_me
Number of values: 5438
+Actinic light Red  (measured)
Code: light_red_me
Number of values: 5439
+Light Total, mE  (measured)
Code: light_total_me
Number of values: 5441
+pH Regulator acid  (measured)
Code: chemostatphregacid
+pH Regulator base  (measured)
Code: chemostatphregbase
+GA CO₂ air  (measured)
Code: gasanalyserco2air
Number of values: 5525
Related to:
+GA crit pressure  (measured)
Code: gasanalysercritpress
Number of values: 5525
+GA target flow  (measured)
Code: gasanalyserflowreg
Number of values: 5525
+GA current flow  (measured)
Code: gasanalyserflowsens
Number of values: 5525
+GA pressure  (measured)
Code: gasanalyserpressure
Number of values: 5525
+OD680, AU  (measured)
Code: od680_au
Number of values: 5523
+OD 735  (measured)
Code: odsensorsod735
Number of values: 5523
+Δ OD 680 - OD 735  (measured)
Code: dod_au
Number of values: 5523
+OD680/720  (measured)
Code: od680720
Number of values: 5523
+O₂ dissolved  (measured)
Code: do2
Number of values: 5525
Related to:
+pH  (measured)
Code: ph
Number of values: 5525
+BR-Pump #5  (measured)
Code: pump_5
Number of values: 1120
+BR-Pump #5 usage  (measured)
Code: pump_5_consumption
Number of values: 5525
+Stirrer, %  (measured)
Code: stirrer_
Number of values: 5524
Code: bubbling_innterupter
Number of values: 5333
+Current temperature  (measured)
Code: temperature_c
Unit: degree Celsius
Number of values: 5525
+Target temperature  (measured)
Code: thermoregulator_c
Unit: degree Celsius
Number of values: 5525
+OD Regulator  (measured)
Code: turbidostatodreg

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