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Series name: Figure 6 Experimental data of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 cultivated in non-buffe
Summary: measurements of dCO2 (full blue lines) and pH signals (full black lines) signals (left panels) for initial pH 6.5 (panel A), 7.3 (panel C), 7.7 (panel E), and 8.1 (panel G). Four biological replicates with qualitatively identical results for each condition were collected; data from one representative experiment are shown. Identification of the exchange rates qCO2 (dotted blue lines, right panels) and qHCO3- (dotted black lines, right panels), identified from the measured data involving data differentiation and the assumption of qH+ = qHCO3- is represented in right panels for initial pH 6.5 (panel B), 7.3 (panel D), 7.7 (panel F), and 8.1 (panel H). Positive values in the right panels indicate dCO2 or HCO3- excretion, negative values indicate dCO2 or HCO3- uptake. For further experimental details, see Section 2.
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Name: Panel D
Device Type: Photobioreactor-041
Device Name: DoAB-PBR01
Device ID: 72700001

Name: Panel D: dCO2
Device Type: PSI MS GAS-100
Device Name: MIMS Prototype
Device ID: MIMS-001

+pH  (measured)
Code: ph
Number of values: 594
+dCO2  (measured)
Code: dco2
Number of values: 271
From: Panel D: dCO2

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